Cost of living in Madagascar – Travel Guide to Madagascar

Generally speaking, life in Madagascar is still very affordable compared to other destinations. This article about cost of living in Madagascar will give you a small overview of what to expect during your trip and help you prepare your budget to live in Madagascar.

Cost of living in Madagascar: the cost of food

In almost all of Madagascar, the choice of restaurants is very large, from the small gargote located almost at every street corner, especially in the capital and the big cities of Madagascar, to the great gourmet restaurants and high-end restaurants.

On average, it is necessary to count about 40 dollars per day per person to have copious meals. This amount is more than enough. It includes drinks and other small necessities such as cigarettes or other personal expenses.

It is important to know that even at 1 or 2 dollars, it is possible to find food in small gargotes also known as “hotely” (rudimentary places that serve typical Malagasy food). For the more chic restaurants, the price of the dish can vary between 10 and 20 dollars.

Cost of living in Madagascar : the cost of accommodation

In Madagascar, the choice of accommodation is also very large. Everyone can adapt his accommodation according to his budget. In the city, the rooms cost more than in the bush. The prices of a room with sanitary facilities can vary between 20 to 40 dollars per day in the city against about 10 dollars per day in the bush.

For a room of great comfort, it is generally necessary to count a little more. In the establishments of a certain standing or on the tourist sites like Sainte-Marie or Nosy Be, the prices of a room can go up to 100 or even 200 dollars per day for certain places.

Cost of living in Madagascar : the cost of transport

To visit the island, it is possible to choose different ways of transportation. For the more adventurous, a bush cab is the most ideal form of transportation. It is also the cheapest mode of transport that exists in Madagascar.

Rates depend on the destination, but on average, prices range from 3  to 25 dollars. To travel faster through the country without the constraints of the bush cab, the plane is the best mode of transport to choose. The plane is moreover ideal for a long distance trip, the only drawback is the price which remains much more expensive.

For city visits, the cab is another very practical way, but since cab drivers apply their own rates, you have to know how to bargain so as not to pay too much. A short trip in the city costs on average between 2 and 5 dollars. For longer trips, the cost can go up to 6 to 10 dollars.

It is also possible to rent cars from car rental companies in Madagascar. A mini bus with driver costs about 45 dollars per day, excluding fuel. A light car costs between 35 and 40 dollars per day and a 4 X 4 car costs between 65 and 85 dollars a day, excluding fuel .

In summary :

To sum up, you need at least 20 dollars per day as a budget to live in Madagascar (excluding hotel prices – accommodation and transport) if you want to live in the big cities. On the other hand 10 dollars per day is enough for you in the countryside.