Things to do in Madagascar ? – Madagascar Travel Guide

Island of the Indian Ocean, certainly the most beautiful, Madagascar is separated from the south-east coast of Africa by the great Mozambique Channel. This small paradise, ideal for tourists in quest of an authentic island, allows many activities to be done for visitors wishing to live a unique and authentic experience on the island. Take your travel notebook and a pen and write down these few ideas of things to do in Madagascar.

Ideas of things to do in Madagascar

The funboard

Nothing is more pleasant than to practice funboard to be more in contact with the beautiful sea of Madagascar. In most cases, it is the places subject to trade winds like the Sakalava Bay that are favourable to this activity.

The small Surf

A few occasional waves are enough to create an atmosphere for the amateurs of small surfing passing through Madagascar. Morondava, Lavanono at about 300 kilometers from Fort-Dauphin and the Bay of Pig or Miramar, always in the south of Madagascar, are often the recommended destinations for the practice of small surfing.

Pro surfing

To practice surfing pleasantly, like on the big waves of the Caribbean Sea, you need a lot of strong gales. It should be noted then that it is towards the southern part of the island that lovers of this sport should turn to practice it in all seasons.

The surroundings of Toliara and the region of Cape Sainte-Marie are then to be retained to practice surfing properly. On the east coast of the island, Mahambo and Ambila Lemaitso also promise pleasant surfing experiences with its magnificent well-balanced waves.


Madagascar has many incredibly beautiful beaches that know how to invite sea lovers to go to meet it. Better still, by pushing a little bit the stroll by the sea, diving enthusiasts will not be able to resist the idea of exploring the shimmering turquoise waters bordering Madagascar.

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Thus, apart from the southern and western part of the island, the north and the east also have many diving sites. In the north, the Courier Bay which opens on the Mozambique Channel is very appreciated by the amateurs of underwater treasures.

Around the island of Nosy-Be, the Heloise Bank, the Gorgonian Bank and the Beaver Bank, 8 minutes away from Grande Mitsio, are among the sites indicated for diving. Be careful to be well informed on some sites about shark risks.

Hiking in 4X4 and Quad

To the delight of the lovers of big wheels, Madagascar has nearly 45,000 kilometers of tracks allowing a sensational experience of 4X4 rides and quad biking. These authentic tracks of several kilometers on the 50.000 km of traced tracks will make happy even the most daring at the wheel.

On of best things to do in Madagascar in family : Visit of historical sites

Wrongly considered as an activity to be done for the non-sportsmen, the meeting with the historical monuments of Madagascar can be a real source of pleasure. The island has many monuments that are worth discovering for their history, but especially for their architecture.

Manjakamiadana : the palace of the queen on the heights of Antananarivo, the royal palace in Ambohimanga still in Antananarivo and the Manda Fort built under Radama 1st on the eastern shores of Madagascar are among the historical sites that are worth the detour.